For: MX, Enduro, ATV, Snowmobile, Snow-bike, BMX, FMX 


About Brace


Only €2990 for pair

Model Max – specially designed for use in motorsports, where a high degree of knee protection is required. The model protects the knee from all hazardous effects on the joint, including external shocks to the knee area.

Custom Brace knee brace MAX made to fit your foot sets new standards for user comfort and confidence. Our braces fit exactly, stay in place and move so naturally that it will not feel that you are wearing a knee bracket. No unwanted switching is enjoyable, and the clamp has 0 pressure points. The Custom Brace titanium frame safety capsule supports your knee by creating an alternative load path to the knee joint, which distributes the forces from your ligaments to the stronger parts of your leg. Many leading European athletes choose Custom Brace to strengthen their knees without compromise, while hundreds of amateur athletes rely on Custom Brace to remain active.

Indications for use:

ACL, MCL, LCL, PCL, PATELLA, rotational and combined instability. Athletes of all skill levels and intensity. Contact / percussion from low to high level. EFFECTS Protects against hyperextension. Provides stability (side stabilization). The range of motion is determined. Relieves fatigue. Custom Brace, lightweight, pre-attached carbon fiber frames in combination with a hinge system without teeth and modular components allow you to create your own knee brackets.


Staples adapt to different types of activities and sports, thanks to the ability to easily add or remove shock panels as needed. Excellent multisporting features. Ideal for multisport applications. Patella shock  Panel removable. The design is not afraid of bumps, temperature, any water, dirt and sand. 

Knee safety capsule
Carbon 7 layers and titanium
Choice of face treatment
Gloss, matte


Hinge design

Durable hinge without gears, titanium 3 mm with plastic elements

Fastening to the leg
4 elastic belts with strong locks

600 grams

Internal trim
Anti-allergic material inside EVA FOAM
Have a durable soft element for a comfortable fit to the leg

About our company

“Hi riders. Our story is unusual and even a bit curious. We, a group of friends and enthusiasts, like many others were fond of motocross, Enduro, snowboarding and skiing. We hung out and rode together. We had a group of professionals and Amateurs. We like many other riders got sports injuries, but the most common injury was the damage of the knee. Not that we were stupid and didn’t use knee braces. We used them regularly. We used all brace models one can find on the market. Those were different braces and brands – ready-made and custom made ones. Cheap ones and very expensive ones. But our motivation was nearly killed by injuries and treatment in hospital, though it was very desirable to continue to drive. Therefore, the idea to make the best knee braces ever came into our minds. Now we can say we did it.
The company has technical developments that distinguish it from competitors on the market. Numerous clients of the company in various countries have already highly appreciated our product. Many of the customers consider this product to be the best in the market by the criteria of price/quality and value-for-money. This is a carbon fiber knee braces with titanium joints made from absolutely customised cast that is turned in to a mold and then to a knee braces.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            CEO, Leonid Aleshin.

Custom made
Only €2990 for pair